• Any purposely offensive behaviour is not acceptable. By the same token, don’t whine, if you feel you have been offended
  • Any concerns or issues you may have are to be brought to Underdark command
  • Griefing of any kind is not tolerated
  • Do not act against, in any way, a member or ally of Underdark
  • A microphone is preferable but not mandatory to membership


  • All targets are to be given the chance to surrender
  • To kill or destroy the property of any individual unnecessarily is strictly prohibited
  • If a target surrenders, you are to leave them with a predetermined amount of their goods and a method of safely reaching their destination


  • During operations, members must follow the instructions from Underdark Officers
  • During the mission brief, members are encouraged to air any opinions or ideas they may have with regards to the operations
  • Members must be able to accept criticism
  • By the same token, members are encouraged to criticise any part of an operation, so long as it is constructive.
  • Members are encouraged to comment on the After-Action Report of an operation, which will be posted on Spectrum after each session


  • Affiliates are considered citizens of the empire, and are free to many associated benefits
  • Affiliates will have access to our Trade and Hunting networks
  • Affiliates will have access to most Underdark bases
  • Affiliates are not able to receive the same level of discounts on Underdark goods and services attributed to full members.
  • For security reasons, Affiliates cannot serve in the Special Forces or Intelligence Divisions.
  • Affiliates will also be limited, to varying degrees, in their working capacity throughout Underdark.
  • An individual affiliates status may change at any time due to ongoing inter-org politics

Ranking Members

  • Must respect all members of Underdark
  • MUST have a microphone and ability to voice communicate
  • Must be active within the Underdark community
  • Must lead by example with regards to operation procedure
  • Must be available to assist other members and settle disputes
  • Must respect the Chain of Command
  • Ranking members are also encouraged to offer their assistance in administrative matters
Note: Certain rules for Underdark Ranking Members, particularly those regarding activity, can differ in scope depending on an individual's specific rank.