Scythe - Commerce

Scythe division serves as the economic and logistical backbone of the Underdark Organisation. While its primary function is to sustain jobs such as smuggling, trade, and mining, Scythe is also complemented by a full research and development team. In coordination with Dagger Division as well as its own sources, Scythe continues to develop a vast, ever-changing network to span the galaxy. Thanks to countless nodes, routes, and individuals, this network allows Underdark to perform operations anywhere with maximum efficiency - as well providing members with a continuous stream of profitable work. Additionally, Scythe members benefit from the protection of Katana throughout many routine operations and specialized missions.

Smuggling & Trade

As a Scythe Smuggler, you will have a host of options as to exactly what type of role you wish to play. Hauling is always a great way to make quick, easy credits and there are plenty hauling jobs to go around. These include resupplying outposts, collecting materials from prospectors, and even military logistics. Of course, for those ready to make long-term investments, we are fully prepared to support you in any and all illicit trade endeavours. With a galactic web of smuggling routes, up to date information on Law-enforcement agencies, and alliances with countless outlaw factions; you can be sure that your cargo will be reach its destination quickly, safely, and with maximum return on investment.


In order to develop a sustainable income, Underdark has created a highly effective mining branch. With several stationary operations, specialists will be required on platforms, operating, maintaining, and managing the many different facets of large scale mining. Scythe will also sanction prospecting teams and individuals to seek out and extract valuable minerals across the galaxy. Thanks to our syndicate status, Underdark is not inhibited by mining rules or regulations, and we are currently researching the profitability of illegal mining operations. These could include mining in “protected” locations, or extracting restricted elements. Our alliances with similar syndicates also provides our miners with unique protection from certain factions.

Research & Development

An integral part of Underdark’s organization, our dedicated R&D officers provide invaluable support. Primarily, this is through the research of an assortment of mechanics such as engineering, quantum travel, energy-based devices, bio-weapons etc. The product of this research can then be replicated and utilized. R&D also coordinates the Mission Support Team, an elite team who choose to support Underdark operations by specializing in various crucial roles. These roles include: Medical Officer, Search & Rescue, Advanced Engineering, Overclocking Specialist, Repair Specialist, Advanced Scanning, and Xenobiology’s. Members of this branch receive considerable funding as it is their efforts that keep the Empire on the cutting edge.