Dagger - Intelligence

As the eyes and ears of the organization, Dagger Division’s advanced work and findings are vital to Underdark’s efforts. Gathering information through passive and active surveillance, this division is establishing a highly effective intelligence network. This network will serve as the basis of all other activities; whether it’s tracking targets, monitoring threats, or scouting new locations. Dagger uses this extensive system to act as the head of just about every operation throughout the other branches, providing accurate, up-to-date information for ongoing missions. While our members reap the greatest rewards from Dagger's efforts, Underdark also offers a multitude of services to third party contractors... For a price.


The primary function of hunter branch is to support our members in every aspect of their work. If you’re not tracking targets, you’re losing money; hence why our information network is so crucial. Not only do we ensure that you have a range of jobs at your fingertips, but our spies and informants will give you head start in finding your mark. Once you’ve locked in a contract, you can then ready yourself from Underdark’s armoury, which offers an extensive range of tech, plus repair services. Our developing training program will also cover all relevant skillsets, so you can adapt to whatever the job throws at you.


This branch collects and analyses data from a wide spectrum of sources, and uses it to predict the movements of our targets. If you consider yourself a field agent, hacker, analyst, info runner, or all of the above then you’ll be right at home, working amongst the best and brightest for the both the purposes of Underdark as well as the highly profitable needs of our clients. Between these two job providers, our intel agents are constantly on the move ensuring that each individual has a part to play, not to mention a steady income stream. We even maintain a diplomatic team within the branch.


Dagger’s mapping and exploration branch is attached to the naval fleets. These frontier scouts help expand Underdark’s operations by identifying worlds primed for colonization or exploitation. For those who seek adventure and discovery, you may apply for any one of our well-funded, well-equipped expeditions to find new planets. There is a wide variety of positions to be filled on such missions and you will also enjoy a full defensive escort, courtesy of Katana. If, however, you prefer to stay closer to home, then perhaps your skills would be better met in the search for new jump routes. Their value to us indicates great profit for you.